The nature of God is to speak to His people. He is not silent.
Our first task is to listen to Him rather than one another.
If we do not hear, we may not be listening.
If we listen as one we will surely hear the one voice of the Lord.

He speaks to us, as individuals,
His words demand a response.
He speaks to us, together – as His people.
As we come to Him He reveals His truth to us.

The revelation may be painful,
He may take us to the barren place,
He may show us the dead bones,
He may show us the broken walls,
His Spirit will convict us of our sins,
With Jesus, our tears may flow,
These tears will water the parched earth of our lives.

Our roots will grow and be strengthened.
So many of our problems stem from our rootlessness.
So often we build on the sand of human endeavour – human words, human leadership, human systems, methods and techniques.
So often we marry the spirit of the age : power, popularity, celebrity, fame and wealth.

The roots fail to stand up to the storm and the tree is felled.
The foundations become weak and the structure collapses.
Before revival there must be a radical renewal of our prayer life.
Before renewal there must be conviction of sin and of our human need.

Only then can we respond to the first call of Christ to repent.
Only when we draw so close to God in silence and awe, in contemplation and expectancy, will we be equipped for prophetic outreach, proclamation and evangelism.
There will be no revival in our hurting, divided world until the followers of Jesus are truly ONE with God and ONE with each other, until we speak with ONE voice.

Let us come together now as ONE and wait upon God.
Let us be still and know that He is the Lord.
Above all, let us listen, and respond in obedience to His words.
Time is desperately short.