Your nation is despising and rejecting Me

You are hiding Me from your children
You are abusing and mocking My name
You are excluding Me from your lives
You are expelling Me from your thoughts
You are raising up your idols
You are shamelessly bowing down before them
You are abandoning My ways

Your lives are based on greed and selfishness
There is a sickness in your land
Which you cannot heal alone.

There is a crisis in your land
Which you cannot solve alone.

If you do not seek Me
And accept the reality of your own sinful situation,
There can be no hope for you.

Today do not be deaf to My words
Today do not be blind to what is happening

Turn back from your path of destruction
Remember My blessings on your nation in past years
Do not destroy the foundations on which your nation is built
If you turn to Me now in sorrow and repentance
I will save and heal your nation
I will reveal my mighty power
I will reveal My love and compassion

Oh you, My dear people who own My name do not delay,
Raise your voices now, speak out without fear.

Oh you, My dear people who own My name, do not delay,
Stand firm against the enemy now and I will give you victory.

I will honour the intention of your hearts
I will honour your obedience.
I will honour your humility

If you waken from your sleep
If you rise up as one
If you speak out as one
If you pray as one

The wind of the Spirit will blow across your land
The water of My spirit will sweep across your land

Your ruined walls will be rebuilt
Your dead bones will spring to life
Your deserts will blossom

I will reveal My living presence to you
If, together, you turn to Me

Do not delay, be My servants and My witnesses now.